Tuesday, December 20, 2005

5 Weirdest Habits

Well, thanks to Tam trying to give me something new to talk about on here, I've got stuck doing another meme. So here goes the list of my 5 weirdest habits:
  1. Whether it be chips or whatever that usually has more flavor on one side than the other, I have to eat the flavored side down, so thats it's facing my tongue. That way you get the full affect.
  2. Whenever I go somewhere, I like to keep all my stuff together, in one little pile. I cant stand for something to be across the room, thinking I am going to leave it there or lose something, but at home I throw stuff everywhere.
  3. Like above, at work I like everything to be organized and in its place, but could care less at home.
  4. Soon as I get out of the shower, I have to hurry and pick my hair out and put it in a towel, I cant stand for my wet hair being on my back, but if i have been swimming or something , then it doesnt bother me. Same goes for people putting their shirt on while their back is still wet. Drives me nuts(Dont ask, these are supposed to be weird.)
  5. And at last, as Josh (Southparkpundit) stated, I also, "quote movie lines in conversation whenever possible."


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