Monday, November 21, 2005

How do these people find us?

From time to time, we get some interesting individuals in the store. Tam and Alston have both previously posted on some of the things we encounter during the day. Like the guy wanting to know what .50 caliber Barrett's we had in stock, but that he wanted "one big enough to blow a hole so big through a bear, that you could see the sun shining through the other side." And then he asked"Well, do you carry grenades?". And even sounded disappointed to find out that we didn't. Sorry to ruin your weekend sir!
Another time a man called 4 times to get directions to the store, only to find out when he got there, that he had just been there the day before. The fact that he showed up stoned out of his gourd might've had something to do with it. But, we look for stuff like that, and needless to say he wasn't there long and is now banned from the store. At least it gives us stories to tell.


At 3:05 AM, Anonymous freddyboomboom said...

Every business has such stories.

Like the lady that wanted me to fix the toner cartridge in her printer... It's consumable... It took me two weeks to convince her that she'd much rather replace it herself than pay me over $100 to come out and replace it...


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